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We are now located in a permanent location in Englewood, Florida.  



Striped Fox-starting at $39.00​

Jade Turbo-starting at $59.00

Murex Ramosa- starting at $79.00

Triton-starting at $99.00

Large Pacific Triton-starting at $499.00

Our Team

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Susan McNichol

Owner and Inventor

of Seashell Oil Lamp

Susan McNichol is an award winning artist who, for many years, did fretwork and many types of artwork. It wasn't until she met and married David Cerniglia that together they began making the seashell lamps.  David, a stone mason, was already making  stone lamps and when Susan suggested making the lamps with shells they got right on it and began testing the idea.  After  months of tests they finally came up with the right combination of shells and stone.  Added to their wick that never burns away, they developed a beautiful lamp that is both beautiful and practical.  The lamps have been sold to people from all over the world.  

When David passed away in May of 2018, Susan continued to make the lamps and continues to attend art shows all over Florida.

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